When I am in the sea, the sea is with me…I am free and I flow. It is here that I feel peace, I feel calm and I feel love.

Welcome to my site, a place of peace and inspiration.

Welcome to my site, intended to be a place of peace, warmth and inspiration. It is here that I share my thoughts, my views and my inspirations. If what I share benefits you, I am grateful.

I wish you peace on your journey. I wish you love and I wish you blessings. Thank you for visiting.


Author: Aveli Wellness

I am manifesting my dreams and creating the life that I want to see. As a Spiritualist, Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Crystal Practitioner, Spiritual Advisor and Financial Advisor, my dream is to add some light, peace and inspiration on this journey. I am available for workshops and energy sessions.

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